Saturday, March 19, 2011

Two Sisters and More Wine

Yes, we're at it again. It's time to sit back, relax, eat whatever we want and open the wine. This time it's two sisters and three bottles of wine, 1/2 a chocolate cake (it was a toss up between chocolate and carrot but chocolate always wins), nachos and fajitas.

We've already been out this morning to pick up the groceries and liquor but not before hitting the local pawn shop to cash in some broken jewelry. Yes, new math here. It turns out that two broken 10k necklaces equals two sparkling bottles of sauvignon blanc; and if we run out of wine, we might just need to break more jewelry!

How long since we've had a girl's weekend? Our last post was in November so we're due for another bender. No kids, no men - just three yapping budgies in the background and a blanket nearby if they get too loud.

So what do we talk about? The disaster in Japan? The way our parents raised us? The men in our lives? Our kids? Our ages? Oh yes, our ages. Those two little girls who loved to play in the garden at the greenhouse back in the early 1960's are now in their 50's sitting here drinking. Maybe there's more than fat arses in our genes. Our grandfather would be so proud to see us now! We come from a long line of winos.

And now we're asking why men are so damn stupid? Is that in the genes too? How many times did I hear from some far corner of the house "Now that was stupid" mumbled under my husband's breath? I never knew what to expect. Would it be another burn in the sheers because he reached down behind he sofa with a cigarette in his mouth? Would it be soap bubbles streaming from the dishwasher because dishsoap was substituted for Cascade? Maybe the ladder had fallen again when he was clearing the rain gutters and he was hanging from the eaves by his fingertips. Or what about the time Debbie's husband dropped his watermelon in the wood bucket because he couldn't carry a plate and turn off a light at the same time. Is this normal? Are our expectations too high?

Can anyone out there not understand why we need to get together and drink, even if only a couple of times a year?