Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small steps

Saying that we have permission to do the things that Jesus did could come off as being cheeky or irreverent. After all, Jesus is credited with performing a number of miracles that any of us would be hard pressed to duplicate. It's not my intention that you should run out and walk on water or feed masses of people with just a few loaves and fishes. What I do hope is that you will recognize that you have more powers within you than you may have realized.

Every one of us is different and unique. We are at varying stages of progression on our journey to understanding and enlightenment and we each have specific tasks that we've set ourselves to learn or experience in this lifetime. We live within the constraints of this 3 dimensional world and we do a pretty good job, but if we paid more attention to our inner selves, we might do even better.

You may tend to make many of your decisions based on what you think other people would do, what other people might think about what you do, what's in vogue at the moment, what your friends recommend, what your parents or spouse tell you to do - anything, but what you yourself would choose to do. The reasons for this are varied, but the result is often the same - a decision is made that's not right for you. But sometimes when you're faced with more than one choice and aren't sure which decision to make, you rely on a hunch or intuition, and more often than not, you choose correctly.

Because we make so many decisions on a daily basis, we don't pay much attention to why we make a particular choice. Yet there will be times in our lives when we'll reflect on a happening in our past that made a significant impact on our present, and say something like, 'if I hadn't decided to go to the club that night, I'd have never met my spouse' or 'if I hadn't decided to take that summer job when I was 17, I'd have never thought about working in this field and be where I am today'. There are thousands of combinations and permutations of the 'if I hadn't this then I wouldn't have that' scenarios. Try to think of a decision that you made that lead to a particular result that you now appreciate but hadn't expected at the time the original decision was made. Can you say for certain why you made the original decision in the first place?

Dumb luck? Good genes? Happy coincidence? Devine intervention? Superior knowledge of the game and a will to win?

How about intuition?

Intuition is simply another name for your inner self. Previous posts have touched on some of the tasks your Ka performs while you sleep. One of its very important jobs is to try out various scenarios to see which one is best suited to the lessons you want to experience in this incarnation. It already knows what's coming, because there is an overall plan in motion that you are an intricate part of. That's not to say you're locked into a specific path or task that you can't change, you still have free will and can make any choice you wish, but your inner self (or intuition) will try to influence certain decisions to guide you along the path that you yourself set in motion long before you were born.

One of the most basic powers that we all have is our inner voice - that part of us that knows instinctively what's best for us. The first small step in beginning to find and use the extrasensory skills that we have is simply to trust ourselves. Begin your journey by believing in yourself. When you're faced with an important decision, listen first to your own inner voice. Just before you fall asleep at night, try to be thinking about the choice you face and when you awake in the morning, before you get up or do antyhing at all, think again about your choice and see if you feel differently or have a new perspective.

In many of the posts to come, I'll be talking about making your own reality. Trusting your inner self is the first small step that begins your journey.

Monday, December 14, 2009

We all have it

My meeting with the psychic, Carol, opened my mind to the fact that at least some of us have the ability to do and see things that are not covered by the 5 generally accepted senses. There is indeed at least the 6th sense that we've all heard of so many times. In fact, I now truly believe that there are many more than that.

I know that some of my readers follow traditional religions and believe in Jesus and the teachings of the Bible. I remind all my readers again that the bulk of my religious education centered around Christianity - specifically Anglican and Christian Science with a smattering of Catholic, United and Baptist. I freely admit that I know extremely little about any of the world's other major religions, and most of what I say stems from the religious upbringing I described in the various posts prior to this one. Once I began the journey to find my own spirituality, I was pulled away from the current established world religions and drawn to the New Age world, which included reincarnation and the teachings of the channeled entity 'Seth'. However, for my readers who are students of the Bible and in honour of the One who's birthday will soon be upon us, one of my favourite Bible verses is John 14:12, where Jesus explains to his followers that He is in the Father and the Father is in Him:

"Verily verily I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do, shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do also; because I go unto my Father"

What wonderful, powerful words those are. Just stop and really think about Jesus' message to his Apostles (and hence to all of us). He's basically giving us permission to do all the things that He does - to perform the miracles that He can. He's telling us, you can do this too!

The fact that the path my faith has taken is not that of any one organized religion, in no way reflects my feeling about the verity and validity of Jesus. I have every confidence that He not only lived, but that the biblical stories about His actions and deeds are fairly accurate. Was He the Son of God? Absolutely, as we are all the children of the All That Is; as were His 'brothers and sisters' Mohammed, Mother Theresa, Joan of Arc, Buddha, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and the countless others who impacted mankind with their faith, conviction, works and deeds. As you yourself are when you love your neighbour or honour your mother and father. We are all the children of the All That Is and we can do anything It can. Even Jesus has said that this is so.

Whether or not we choose to use the gifts that we have is entirely up to the entity or soul that we are. I know from experience (see post October 7, 2009, The Ka) that if I work hard at it, I can leave my physical body and travel in this plane and others through the energy of my Ka. I know from the hundreds of times in my life that I've thought of someone, only to either run into them or hear from them shortly thereafter, that I can connect with others through my mind, without using any of the modern electronics or devices that we rely on for communication with one another. I know from living with a parent who often experiences psychic episodes when a traumatic event occurs in his life, that messages are conveyed to the living from the 'dead'. I know from visiting a true clairvoyant that others can see into my life and environment if I permit them to look. I don't need anything else to convince me that Jesus wanted us to understand that all of us have those abilities. "The works that I do, shall ye do also...." how I love the power and permission behind those words.

We live in a busy, hectic world. We often struggle just to get from minute to minute, hour to hour and day to day. We have to contend with a physical world that limits how we can use our physical bodies and we are generally confined to the sensations of our 5 physical senses. In order to expand our conscisouness into other realities or use any of our other senses, we have to have the time and inclination to meditate, practice and practice again. And most importantly, we have to believe we have the power(s).

Monday, December 7, 2009

Back and forth

Information passes back and forth between us and the All That Is constantly. This happens from both our conscious and unconscious states and whether we are in a physical form or not. It is aware of us at all times, but not always focused on us specifically.

Because we are all part of the same entity, we can communicate with each other on a level that our physical self is not generally aware of. There is a section of humanity, however, who are aware of this connection and use it regularly for a variety of reasons. We refer to these people as 'psychics'. If you watch any tv at all, you'll have seen shows about people who assist law enforcement by finding missing bodies or use their abilities to describe how people have been murdered. There are those who visit locations 'haunted' by spirits and try to help those spirits cross over from this plane to the next. There are documented cases of people who can move physical objects with just the power of their minds, and I'm willing to bet that the majority of my readers have visited or know of a fortune-teller or seer.

Over the years I had visited fortunetellers who had a stall in the mall or a tent in the county fair where they would tell your future for $10. I had my palms read, my tea leaves read and my tarot cards done - you name it. I remained unimpressed. In my opinion, all of the people who claimed to be able to tell my future or read my fortune were simply opportunists looking to make a quick buck on the vulnerability of those who were willing to pay a few dollars for a little good news. I saw nothing to convince me that any of those people were tapping into the future at all.

That all changed one cold winter night in Berrys Mills, NB.

My sister, Deb, had heard about a psychic named Carol who was purported to be the real thing. Deb made an appointment and took the long drive out to the country to have a reading done. While I don't know the specifics of what went on at that meeting, I do know that Deb left there absolutely convinced that Carol was a true blue psychic who could see the future. At Deb's urging, I made an appointment and went to see Carol myself.

The appointment was set by Deb. Carol knew only that my name was Bev and that I was Deb's sister. She knew nothing else about me, not even my last name or where I lived. At the time, I had recently moved into a new home in Eastern Passage, NS, which is in a different province and about 3 hours' drive from where Carol lived. My husband was an aircraft electrician in the Canadian Air Force and I had 2 young children.

Deb and I pulled into the driveway of a simple bunglow on a country road a few miles outside Moncton, NB. Upon entering the house, my first impression was that country people lived here. It was comfortable but not opulent. Carol greeted us and we went into the kitchen and sat at the table. I don't actually remember what she looked like, only what happened when she took my wedding rings into her hands and closed her eyes.

She had a pad of paper at the ready and picked up a pencil in her free hand. While rolling my rings in one hand, she wrote and sketched on the note pad with the other. It seemed that things began to come into her mind randomly and she spoke as she wrote on the pad. Here are some of the random statements she made:

'You live near the water....not a's the ocean' (we had just moved to a new community where I could see the Atlantic ocean from the back deck)

'It's noisy there... I hear hammering and construction' (our house was one of the first completed on the street. Many others were still being built at that time)

'Your husband's name has 5 letters...but if one letter is's still his name' (at the time I was married to a man named Peter. To this day, I'm totally impressed by those words, what an interesting way to describe a person's name - I know I had never thought of it that way before)

'I can't decide if he works on airplanes or cleans the hangars...." (I laughed out loud at that point because just the night before Peter had complained to me that they had him sweeping and cleaning the hangar all day, even though he was actually an aircraft electrician)

'Who is Steve??' (Steve was my brother in law and at the time we were very close - he visited often and had recently been dating my sister)

She talked for about 20 minutes, all the time sketching and writing on what turned out to be 10 pages of the 8.5" x 11" note pad. What impressed me about Carol was how things came to her randomly. There was no real rhyme nor reason to much of what she told me, she just described whatever images came into her mind. The accuracy was uncanny - she was definitely connecting with something. Eventually she opened her eyes, handed me back my rings and passed me the papers she had filled with words and sketches. I had found the experience a little disquieting, but I was exhilerated to have met someone who actually had a real 'psychic' gift. I told her about my interest in the occult and supernatural and asked if she would answer a few questions about her ability. She was kind enough to oblige me.

She told me that she had been able to read people as long as she could remember. She had no idea when an event she described would happen - she only knew that there appeared to be about a 2 year window. In other words, the event might have happened in the past 2 years, or it might come to pass in the next 2 years, she was never sure which. On the occasions when she saw very unpleasant events or serious illness during a reading, she didn't speak of it. She tried only to convey positive or neutral events to her clients. I asked her if she thought her ability was a gift or a curse. She indicated that it was neither, just something that had always been a part of her - she didn't know any different.

When I left Carol's house that night, I knew that I was changed. I knew for certain and first hand that it is possible to know about another person through a means not generally used or recognized by most people. Carol could and did connect with me through a means I can't understand or articulate. She could somehow see my environment to the point that she could actually name key people in my life. Strangely, that one visit cured any further curiousity I ever had about seeing my future. I've never been to another psychic nor had any desire to seek one out. I now understand that the future will unfold as it's supposed to - there's no reason to look ahead, looking after today is knowledge enough.