Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting older

When I wrote my 50th post about this time last year, I had pretty much completed documenting my passage to the theological place that I inhabit today. It was a catharsis for me, as I examined the chronological steps of my journey; a real examination of the events and environment that had shaped how I look at the myself and the world around me. While I recently took some time away from the blog to set the path for the next phases of my life, I've now come back to muse again. Not so much about my religious beliefs this time, but about the person I've become and the convictions I hold, both of which have their basis in the foundations of my core beliefs.

In just a few days from now, I'll celebrate (??!!) my 55th birthday. There's something about birthday years that end in 0 or 5 that seem to make me reflect on life a little more than the other birthdays do. Fifty-five. The number rolls around in my mind - 55 - the "double nickels"; it's all downhill to 60...

Often in the midst of a conversation with one of my younger coworkers (and they all seem to be younger than me these days)I realize that I can remember things that happened more than 40 years ago. How can that be? I look in the mirror and see someone older and heavier. The skin is still good, but the hair is heavily shot with grey and there's an extra chin or two. I've traded heels for sensible shoes and I wince when I stand up due to the arthritis in my left knee. Yes, I'm slowing down and beefing up, but inside - inside I don't feel any different.

The one thing that has changed, is that more and more often I'm moved to speak up about Western society and its inevitable progression towards tomorrow. My opinions have been formed by drawing upon experiences from a long past. I'm no longer seduced by platform shoes, new radical music or a recently awakened social conscience. My views of the world are tempered with more cynicism and skepticism because I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt. The wrappings may be new, but it's the same old package. By now I've been hearing about global annihilation for 50 years. I'm one of those children who took part in bomb drills in the early 60s, dutifully crouching under my desk with my little arms over my head, waiting for the bombs to drop. Nope, the Doomsday Clock is not a new concept to me.

So, it's my intention to shift my focus from this point forward and begin directing my posts to my thoughts on matters of current interest. I'll be blogging about global warming; holistic medicine; political unrest; natural disasters; just about anything that catches my attention. I'm pretty sure you won't always agree with me, but I'm hopeful that you'll find at least some my musings thought provoking and even join me on my way.