Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small steps

Saying that we have permission to do the things that Jesus did could come off as being cheeky or irreverent. After all, Jesus is credited with performing a number of miracles that any of us would be hard pressed to duplicate. It's not my intention that you should run out and walk on water or feed masses of people with just a few loaves and fishes. What I do hope is that you will recognize that you have more powers within you than you may have realized.

Every one of us is different and unique. We are at varying stages of progression on our journey to understanding and enlightenment and we each have specific tasks that we've set ourselves to learn or experience in this lifetime. We live within the constraints of this 3 dimensional world and we do a pretty good job, but if we paid more attention to our inner selves, we might do even better.

You may tend to make many of your decisions based on what you think other people would do, what other people might think about what you do, what's in vogue at the moment, what your friends recommend, what your parents or spouse tell you to do - anything, but what you yourself would choose to do. The reasons for this are varied, but the result is often the same - a decision is made that's not right for you. But sometimes when you're faced with more than one choice and aren't sure which decision to make, you rely on a hunch or intuition, and more often than not, you choose correctly.

Because we make so many decisions on a daily basis, we don't pay much attention to why we make a particular choice. Yet there will be times in our lives when we'll reflect on a happening in our past that made a significant impact on our present, and say something like, 'if I hadn't decided to go to the club that night, I'd have never met my spouse' or 'if I hadn't decided to take that summer job when I was 17, I'd have never thought about working in this field and be where I am today'. There are thousands of combinations and permutations of the 'if I hadn't this then I wouldn't have that' scenarios. Try to think of a decision that you made that lead to a particular result that you now appreciate but hadn't expected at the time the original decision was made. Can you say for certain why you made the original decision in the first place?

Dumb luck? Good genes? Happy coincidence? Devine intervention? Superior knowledge of the game and a will to win?

How about intuition?

Intuition is simply another name for your inner self. Previous posts have touched on some of the tasks your Ka performs while you sleep. One of its very important jobs is to try out various scenarios to see which one is best suited to the lessons you want to experience in this incarnation. It already knows what's coming, because there is an overall plan in motion that you are an intricate part of. That's not to say you're locked into a specific path or task that you can't change, you still have free will and can make any choice you wish, but your inner self (or intuition) will try to influence certain decisions to guide you along the path that you yourself set in motion long before you were born.

One of the most basic powers that we all have is our inner voice - that part of us that knows instinctively what's best for us. The first small step in beginning to find and use the extrasensory skills that we have is simply to trust ourselves. Begin your journey by believing in yourself. When you're faced with an important decision, listen first to your own inner voice. Just before you fall asleep at night, try to be thinking about the choice you face and when you awake in the morning, before you get up or do antyhing at all, think again about your choice and see if you feel differently or have a new perspective.

In many of the posts to come, I'll be talking about making your own reality. Trusting your inner self is the first small step that begins your journey.


  1. Wow! Very interesting, I like the "what if I hadn't" scenarios. There are so many forks or Y's in the road on a daily basis, each with its own outcome, it's impossible to wrap your mind around all the possibilities. Can you guess how many times I've said "I wish I hadn't gone to the Misty Moon that night?" I wonder what the alternative outcome of that would have been.

    *BTW, stop by sometime tomorrow. I have an award for you*

  2. I have had so many "what if" moments in my past that turned out bad. Now I have gone to the other extreme,I think things to death and will not make a move until it feels right. Sometimes I feel as if I miss out on alot by over thinking everything when I should have followed my first instinct anyway. Hope that made sense. I always look forward to your next post.

  3. Yes Deb, I thought about exactly that when I wrote that paragraph. I was trying to focus on the positive outcomes of listening to our inner voice, but as we both know, the reverse outcome can be just as likely. I think that's a topic for another karma post!

    Hi My Aimless, so glad to hear from you. Love your comments and interest in my blog. It's so easy to over-analyze when you've made mistakes in your past. I tend to do the same, but I'm working on just going with the flow instead of waiting for the big wind to push me along!

  4. This is such a wonderful post that I am thinking on all that you have said and going to read it again!!

  5. Happy New Year to you!

    I've got an award for you at my blog today.

    Talk soon, Deb