Monday, November 23, 2009

The collective conscious

From this point forward, if I refer to the All That Is, I am in fact referring to the supreme being, which from my perspective isn't the traditional Christian God, nor the Christian Science Father/Mother God, nor any of the other gods that abound, but the one single entity or consciousness of which all of us are a part. It is everything, feels everything, knows everything and It does this through us. We are the individual cells - It is the entire body. All that we do feeds into It and all that feeds into It returns to us. We are all connected through this consciousness - connected to It, connected to each other, and connected to all that there is.

We can exist on any plane, in any dimension, in any form and It knows us, because It is us.

When I was little, I couldn't understand how God could be everywhere; how He could know what I was doing. As I got older, not only could I not understand how He could be everywhere and know everything that I was doing or feeling, I couldn't imagine why He'd care. I mean think about it, He's GOD, I'm just me - surely there are bigger and better things to focus on than the problems, hopes and fears of a half grown kid in New Brunswick. A couple of minutes ago I took a look at the world population clock at and the count at that moment was somewhere around 6.807 billion. Ok, so God has nothing better to do than keep an eye on me when there are almost 7 billion people to keep track of? Do we think so much of own importance that we assume He's interested in each of us individually?

Well, today I believe that the All That Is does keep track of each and every one of us, wherever we are and in whatever form we exist. It does this the same way that we keep track of every part of our own body, but It comprehends Itself in a much more detailed way than we ever can, because It is cognizant of the entire consciousness, while we focus on only one stream of consciousness at a time.

If you read my post on October 14, 2009 entitled Psychic odds & ends, you may remember that I discussed a number of different psychic abilities. I said that people pick and choose what they want to believe in, but that I believe all of them are valid, even if I'm not aware of having any of the abilities myself. If every consciousness is connnected to the All That Is and this connection runs back and forth between the All That Is and all of the different consciousnesses that compose It, then there is no reason not to suppose that someone, somewhere, could have the ability to decipher some of the information from what we consider to be the future and relate it to someone in this present. In other words, some individuals, those often termed psychics, could indeed pick up on another person's "future" before it happens, or someone's past that has already occured and talk to them about it now, even if they've never met that person before, because they are able to tap into the overall consciousness that connects us all.

By the same token, people on this plane could and do exchange information with entities that are not in this physical world by connecting through the one consciousness. This would generally occur for people on this plane while they are asleep and in the dream state, but there are those individuals in this world who are awake when they connect with disembodied entities, or as in Jane Roberts' or Edgar Cayce's cases, the connection(s) occur while in a trance state.

If you can accept the concept that there is ONE consciousness and that we are all connected to each other through that consciousness, then you can begin to comprehend how "psychic" abilities and events can exist.


  1. Wow! This ties right in with my dream last night that we discussed. Interesting and much easier to understand the way you have presented it by comparing all the cells that make up the human body as individual entities able to exchange and know information about each other.

  2. It does tie in quite nicely - funny how that worked out. I still have more to say about the information exchange in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.