Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little shift in focus

Reincarnation is serious business. We make our plan and we live the life. As time passes, we encounter lessons that are painful - sometimes physical pain, sometimes emotional pain, many times both types of pain. For some it starts very early in life, for others it takes more time, but it's always lurking in the shadows. The lessons are hard and we hurt sometimes for years. I know, I've had some stunners that I may be dealing with until the end.

It's easy to ask, "why me?" and stay focused on the pain and the hurt. It's difficult to accept that we not only orchestrated the plan that's left us hurting, but participated willingly. The reasons we do this will be the subject of another post. Today I don't want you to focus on the things that have hurt you over the years - today I want you to remember the things that have given you joy over the years.

I'm taking this little departure from my usual musings about the mechanics of the reincarnational belief system because I think it's so important that we not lose focus on how wonderful our physical time is. We come here joyfully, hopefully and enthusiastically. We know beforehand that we're going to have some very trying times, but we also know that we're going to experience exquisitely wonderful physical and emotional sensations as well.

My intellectual side deals very well with the reincarnational concepts, but sometimes my emotional side has a hard time accepting the really hard lessons. My mother often said that any morning you wake up is a good morning. Even though that's hard to believe in my lowest moments, just a little time in the warm summer sun or short walk along the seashore will shift my focus and remind me that this is a beautiful place and I'm not only fortunate to be here, but that it is my choice to be here, no matter what the circumstances.


  1. A wonderful approach to life. The kind of approach I'm always trying to achieve.

    I have this one main issue, though, that I obviously brought with me, that won't go away and I'm so so so so sick of!! A new approach is helping me to try find some peace about it. But it's not easy!!!

  2. Thanks for the comments newmum. I've visited your blog several times and appreciate how hard you're trying to achieve inner peace. Just the fact that you know where to focus is an important step to positive progress and healing.

  3. Wonderful post today, I like that you have focused more on the positive and joyful reasons we have "chosen" to be here. Looking forward to more as always.

  4. I will go to bed tonight thinking of all the wonderful things that have happened in my life!!