Sunday, May 23, 2010

Engineering change

I was standing in a spot of forest in the warm spring sunshine today, just taking in the natural beauty surrounding me. There were so many shades of green and gold and brown among the trees and hillside that it was dazzling. It's very hard to imagine that all of that could simply be chance and happenstance.

Of course, to me it isn't.

As introduced in my last post, I believe that reality as we know it is the result of our collective consciousness designing and creating an environment in which our physical bodies can survive and thrive. The myriad of climates, land masses, ocean, flora and fauna provide us with as many landscapes to inhabit as we can create lifetimes.

People have and do live in not only the lush and comfortable climates, but in the cold, dry or otherwise inhospitable ones as well. They migrate to an area and begin adapting to what it provides. They learn to exist on whatever food is available and build their villages and towns out of whatever natural materials are available. In short, throughout the ages and through numerous lives, they gain layers and layers of experience individually and collectively by inhabiting different areas and focusing on different types of society.

We know from studying history that many powerful civilizations have risen, only to fall and disappear into the shadows of some new and even more powerful system. Sometimes they fall to conquerors, sometimes to disease, sometimes to climate change, earthquake, volcanic action or other catastrophic natural disaster. But whatever the cause of a society's downfall, the reason is still the same - it happens because that experiment has gone as far as the inhabitants wish to take it, so they collectively set in motion some happening, or series of events to end that particular line of history so that a new direction and focus can take over.

In a nutshell, the point I'm making and want to leave you with, is that no natural disaster that changes any society is some freak accident. It is always planned and executed by the collective consciousness of the entities who are impacted by it.


  1. Perfectly presented!!! I love this although you have to wonder just how far we plan to take this experiment considering the state of the planet these days. Lucky you to have recognized the beauty in nature while standing in the forest. I'm usually just swatting black flies :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by ladies. You know Deb, I'm not as concerned about what will happen to the planet as I am about what our burgeoning technology will do to us. The earth will always recover, no matter what we throw at it, mankind though, I'm not so sure...

  3. Considering that society has only been around about 10 000 years, it is remarkable that we have changed so much. The arrogance of the human species and its concept of superiority is mind boggling. The historical era in which we live pales in comparison to the millions of years of existence of reptiles and bugs. Perhaps after a million years of existence, if this world will let us, man can justify his superior boast

  4. Well said, Mr. S, very well said.