Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Taking responsibility

Assuming responsibility for your life and your environment is a thread that keeps running through my posts because it's such an important component of the entire reincarnational belief system. Yet for some reason, it's the one thing that many people cannot or will not accept. It's so much easier to blame someone or something else when things don't work out than it is to carefully examine the outcome that did occur and try understand why and how you made it happen.

No matter how many reasons you can think of to convince yourself that what happens is not your fault, the simple fact is:

You make your own reality.

Earlier posts have discussed how we make our life plan and carry it out and how we create the world we exist in. If this is a concept you can't come to terms with, think about how often you've heard a star athlete attribute his/her success to believing they could achieve their goal. There are any number of motivational speakers on the circuit who teach methods for success by using visualization techniques. They tell their students to visualize themselves starting that new job or getting that big promotion. Dozens of weight loss and exercise programs use positive thinking and visualizaton to encourage their participants to make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve the physical goals they're reaching for. And there are any number of documented cases of physical healings that can't be explained by anything but belief.

If people can apply the concept of making things come true simply by believing, why is it so difficult to take that next small step to understanding that you make the difference; that you create the reality??


  1. Wow! It really is all my fault Lol! No seriously, this is such an important concept to grasp regardless of how unbelievable it is sometimes to understand that we do indeed "create our own reality", even the bad stuff.

  2. I think that may be a good starting point for the next post...

  3. A technique that I believe assists with creating your own reality is to be the observer.
    What I mean by this is to observe yourself doing and being..... soon any behaviours or ways of thinking that don't serve you will fall away.

    best wishes always

    PS... I also think that too much positive thinking can lead people to believe that negative thoughts are wrong and need to be eliminated.
    I feel that negative thoughts need to be accepted and used as a tool or guideline to assist with the results you want. They can enable you to better understand the root cause of something.
    Positive thoughts would not exist without them.

  4. Thanks for the comments Robyn. I think everything needs to be in moderation, which applies to our thoughts as much as to anything. But people who are stuck in their negativity, need to be positive and understand that they're stuck there because they want to be - in other words, they can choose to change. Always great to hear from you!