Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The physical environment

So far I've spent a lot of time discussing our individual paths and choices as we travel along the reincarnational journey. I've pretty much focused solely on personal events and lifetimes, but they are each just single facets of our multi-faceted world. With this post, I'd like to introduce the concept of our collective conscious.

While we are each individual and separate in our waking lives, on the subconscious level nothing is further from the truth. In this physical life we walk alone, but in our sleeping lives, and in the intervals between our physical lives, we are totally connected. Just as we have an inner circle of entities who make up our closely related groups or families, we are also part of the much larger outer group whose focus is not on the individual experience, but the overall environment in which we function and have those experiences.

So, while we decide individually who will do what in each lifetime so that we can each undertake our personal learning paths, as a group, we decide on the type of environment we will journey through. This environment is not only the physical world, but the technology of that world as well.

There are deserts, oceans, mountains, glaciers, plains, boreal forests, and rain forests in every possible combination and/or permutation imaginable. Yet all people are basically the same. Yes, we have some obvious cosmetic physical differences, but overall, we are generally the same type of being no matter which environment we inhabit. So, with just a few adjustments in how we clothe it, our physical body is capable of adapting to almost any environment the earth has to offer. This adds a myriad of choices to the type of life and experience we can choose.


  1. This was so well written and easy to understand. I like that it's a short post to give us a chance to absorb it all before moving forward. It's a lot of take in even though it's written in only four paragraphs.

  2. Funny how much there is to explaining it, when the concepts themselves are so straight forward and simple. What I really like is how everything eventually fits together with no gaps or contradictions.

  3. i couldn't agree more...
    life is what you think it is ~ it's all in the mind.

    best wishes

  4. ps.... unfortuantely i have to rush out the door now, but i can see that i have missed some posts that i would like to catch up on.

    i'll be back ;)

  5. I really appreciate your comments, Ribbon, and I'm enjoying your blog very much as well. I don't always comment, but I do drop by everytime you make a new post. Keep them comming!

  6. Yes, I think I could adapt to almost anything!