Monday, March 22, 2010

Twists in the path

It's interesting how your focus and beliefs mature and change over your lifetime. Although the basic tenets haven't changed for me for a very long time, life's experiences have shown me the finer details and the intricate workings of the very complex world we've created and exist within. Many things that were abstract ideas in the beginning are now firmly entrenched as truths.

What never fails to surprise me is how life pushes you along paths you never intended to travel. The last couple of years have been difficult ones for me personally, and as I struggle to find my new 'normal', I find instead that the Universe is very firmly plotting my path away from the future I was sure of and into a realm completely unexpected (and I might add, undesired) at least on a conscious level.

Lately it seems that I've been experiencing the same lesson over and over and frankly, it's getting a bit tiresome. I'd like to think that I'm not obtuse, but this time I haven't a clue what the point is and where it's leading. It's getting easier to understand how people sometimes get 'lost' on their journey.

I'm actually in awe of those people who are risk takers - the ones who suddenly do a complete turn around and follow their heart to a new and self-fulfilling place. This often happens after a major life event - perhaps a brush with death or the loss of a loved one, or maybe just a sense of time running out and a need to complete all the tasks on the 'bucket list'. Whatever the cause, my hat is off to those who can and do.

The important thing is to recognize a major shift in the plan when it happens and not be afraid to find out where it leads. When life's path takes an unexpected and/or unpleasant twist, we need to remember that in spite of the fact that it appears to be chaos, everything in life eventually does and will make perfect sense, even if it isn't the road we always thought we'd travel.


  1. This is a post that I need to remember to come back to and reread as things happen in my own life journey that I'm not sure I would have selected on a conscious level.

    So true though when I look back at "most" experiences over the last 40 plus years that I thought of as challenges at the time which led me to where I am now, perhaps a path I would not have otherwise selected.

    Even though I now have the ability to look back over my life experiences, there are still a few that I wish it wasn't too late to rewrite.

  2. I think we all have regrets Deb - after all, that's part of the deal. I understand what you're saying, but we both know that many things that happen are simply unavoidable - sometimes the Universe chooses a path and we just hurtle down it like a freight train and keep hanging on for dear life, hoping that light at the end of the tunnel isn't another train....

  3. chaos generally leads to a better understanding.

    x Ribbon

  4. I like that, Ribbon, well said.