Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When discussing the concepts of reincarnation, it's easy to describe what happens to us individually because we can see and touch and feel our experiences - at least on this physical level. We've all dreamed, experienced deja vu, felt the instant liking or disliking that sometimes occurs when we meet someone new, had telepathic episodes when we think of someone we haven't seen in ages and then run into them the next day. We can easily identify with the reincarnational concepts and examples discussed in prior posts because we live them physically every day.

Not as easily understood is how we collectively create our environment. How together we design and engineer the physical world we live in. Perhaps it's more easily understood if we look at it as a further extension of our subconscious abilities. If we can plan and execute our individual roles and lessons within the core circle of our family and friends in each lifetime - is it such a huge step further to realize that we all, as a larger group, create the physical world?

How better to execute our reincarnational plan than to do it in a place that we create - a location that is perfectly suited to the physical form we have assumed for a short time? In order to accept this concept, one must set aside the creationist theory - that the earth and everything in it was created by a supreme being and the evolutionary theory - that we began as single cell life forms and evolved to our current state. We have to accept a new theory - that we created our environment and everything in it and we continue to create and refine it every moment.

If you can believe that your ka is immortal, that you have lived dozens of lives throughout history and that you are an integral part of the All That Is, then you are not that far from understanding how you have contributed to the physical world as well.


  1. Wow!!!! Love this and you make it so clear although some may not want to accept that they themselves have contributed to the state of this world that we live in today. This is a hard concept to grasp and you have presented it perfectly!

  2. Thanks Deb. This is just the tip of the iceberg though - next posts will be not only about the natural world, but natural and manmade disasters as well.

  3. I don't know if one needs to set aside the theory if evolution to embrace this idea Bev. I think your idea includes and transcends evolution.

    In fact I think it includes and transcends much more than just the biosphere. The geosphere, I think is integral to the concept. And they're both wrapped up in this concept of the noosphere. Nested holons, if you like.

    ... I won't even comment on how I think Creationism should be treated here :-)


  4. Ken, I know you're right, but because this is a new concept to many of my readers, I try to keep it in layman's terms and take things in logical steps. I love how you've described it though!

  5. Bev, great post! I am still trying to wrap my mind around it!!

  6. Hi Gayle, thanks for the comment. Sleep on it, you'll get it :)